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I have worked in all phases of the General Aviation industry for 31 years. I started by selling airplanes for Air Worcester, Inc., a Massachusetts fixed base operator, in 1971, and for several years thereafter for Skylanes, Inc. of Lincoln, Rhode Island. I was involved in buying, selling, appraising, and flying airplanes, from singles to jets, on the east coast until 1987, and in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana under the Great Lakes Aircraft Appraisal banner since. I own a 1975 Piper Arrow.

When appraising an airplane for a client it is very important to know and understand how to interpret the documentation that accompanies it. With my experience in buying and consigning airplanes for resale I have the knowledge to dig out the information needed to affix a value on a particular airplane.

I am proud to be a member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association. I will present a two hour seminar on buying used aircraft to groups who have an interest in the subject.

I have written two aviation books, "Purchasing & Evaluating Airplanes" and "Flying On The Gages," both published by Odyssey Aviation Publications of Union Lake, Michigan. I also write for several magazines and can be heard monthly on "Pilotís Audio Update." I am the moderator for Trade-A-Planeís "Ask The Appraiser" forum on Trade-A-Plane on-line. I have accumulated over 13,500 hours in various airplanes from Cessna 150s to jets.



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